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FAQ: Where do you find the scripture to write in the daily version of the Hope Planner?

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How do you get your scripture verse for each day? Is this something that you just chose or is there a "set" verse that you have already selected? Some planners come with a verse already printed for that day, but since this one does not, I am curious as to how you choose a verse. 

Heather says:  This is a great question.  For me, I had to go direct to the source.  I have tried to read devotionals and or follow inspiring instagram accounts that share Bible verses, but the words never really resonated with me because I didn't have any context of where the verse was coming from, who said it and why.  So I set out to "read and know the Bible" and I did that by starting to read 1 Psalm a day.  In doing this, I would highlight a verse within a Psalm that spoke to me that day and then I would write that verse down.  

From there, I became more comfortable going to my personal Bible and being familiar with the books and then started to more of the Books.  Also - each year I read one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) from December 1 through Easter to remind myself of Jesus' life.... and I write verses from there along the way.  So far I've read Luke and Matthew.  This year I will probably read Mark.  

I'm 3 years into this journey and I've read every Psalm and next week I'll finish reading Ephesians for the first time.  

If it feels overwhelming to read a Psalm a day, you could read 1 per week and focus on re-writing a single verse from that Psalm each day to help you meditate on its meaning and memorize it.  

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