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Christian Planner vs Prayerful Planner vs Hope Planner

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Search "Christian planners" and you'll see the top three -  Christian Planner, Prayerful Planner and us, Hope Planner.   We all have a similar missions, but very different planners and since we're all on separate sites across the web and not sitting side-by-side on a store shelf, it may be hard to compare and contrast the unique features of each.  So, we thought it might be helpful to give you some actual side-by-side visuals and compare features of the Hope Planner, Christian Planner and Prayerful Planner to help you pick the best Christian planner for you.  

It's important to note: this is not a "whose planner is better than whose" type of blog. It's simply a virtual walk-thru of each planner – a big picture view of the similarities and differences that you might be curious about when you're shopping for your next planner. Maybe it's ours, maybe it's not. Either way is a-okay with us as long as whatever you choose helps you invigorate your faith and organize your life. 

Let's dive right in...

Christian Planner  Vs. Prayerful Planner Vs. Hope Planner

    christian planner versus prayerful planner verses hope planner vs faith and focus planner

    Where the rubber meets the road in the planner world – the page layout.  The page layout is the heart and soul of how the planner functions for you on a daily basis.  Do you use a weekly planner or are you a daily planner type of girl? 

    Weekly Planners...
    Let's start by look inside the weekly planner editions of the Prayerful Planner, Christian Planner and Hope Planner.  

    Size / Dimensions
    Here you see each planner and it's size as it compares to the other. These dimensions include the coil if applicable.

    • Hope Planner (spiral bound) is: 8.25" wide x 9.25" tall
    • Christian Planner (case bound) is: 7.25" wide x 9.5" tall
      Christian Planner (spiral bound) is: 8.5" wide x 10" tall
    • Prayerful Planner (case bound) is: 7.25" wide x 9.75" tall

    weekly christian planner comparison - prayerful planner, hope planner and christian planner

    In the photos below, we've compare the Christian Planner VS the Hope Planner and the Prayerful Planner VS the Hope Planner page-by-page so you can see the differences between the two.  

    In the examples below, the Christian Planner is dated, the Prayerful Planner is undated and the Hope Planner is undated. 

    Inside Cover / Pocket
    Below is simply the inside of the cover. The Hope Planner has a pocket and month stickers for the tabs.  There is no pocket and no tabs in the Christian Planner spiral edition.  Prayerful Planner does have a pocket on the inside front cover of their book-bound weekly planner.

    christian planner versus hope planner pocket view

    The Month View (calendar view)
    Here you can see the calendar view of the Christian Planner and the Hope Planner that starts each month.  Both planners have a left side column for notes. The Christian Planner lists 'monthly goals' and the Hope Planner calls this space 'prayer list.'

    christian planner versus hope planner comparison - month view

    The Prayerful Planner month view is designed a little differently. Their calendar view also includes additional writing sections for verse of the month, prayer for the moth, gratitude, prayer lists and goals.  

    Also, the month views for the entire year in the Prayerful Planner are all at the front of the planner, separate from it's coinciding weeks. 

    prayerful planner versus hope planner weekly - month viewThe Sunday / Sermon Notes View
    Both planners start the week with a weekend devotional for prayer journaling and page for sermon notes.  However, in the Hope Planner, this day is designated as Sunday and in the Christian Planner this is simply called "weekend."

    The Hope Planner has prayer prompts and lines for writing on one page and free space on the other. The Christian Planner is two pages of unlined free space for writing. 

    christian planner versus hope planner sermon notes sunday page

    Prayerful Planner also starts the week with a weekly devotional two-page spread for journaling. Their prompts are weekly reflections with questions like "What were some of the highlights?" "Which moment from last week was most memorable and why." "Have any of my actions moved me closer to or further from God?" and "What have I struggled with this week and how can I pray about it"

    The Hope Planner prayer prompts are simpler and are broken down between scripture for a memorable Bible verse you read that day, confess for anything we need to bring before God and confess, praise for all the things we are grateful to God for and prayers for requests and petitions we have on our heart. 

    prayerful planner versus hope planner sunday / sermon notes / devotionalThe Week View
    When comparing the Christian Planner and the Hope Planner weekly editions, this is where the two really vary.  As we mentioned above on the weekend prayer journaling pages, since the Hope Planner designates that spread for Sunday, our week view runs Monday-Saturday with six columns across the spread, one for each day. 

    Christian Planner includes a column for each day so their week view runs Sunday through Saturday with an additional column for a list of weekly goals.

    Writing space matters, so here is how much space you have to write for each day column. 

    • Hope Planner column width: 2" wide
    • Christian Planner column width: 1.5" wide
    • Prayerful Planner column width: 1.5" wide

    Hope Planner daily columns are blank so you can organize your days as you wish, whereas the Christian Planner marks 'day' or 'night' to separate your day for you. 

    christian planner versus hope planner weekly - week viewWhen we compare the Prayerful Planner with the Hope Planner weekly planner, the differences continue. 

    Prayerful Planner's week spread is similar to the Christian Planner because their week view goes from Sunday - Saturday and there are eight columns across the page with an extra for notes or a list. 

    But the Prayerful Planner numbers each day from 6am to 9pm and also designates more free space at the bottom of the page for notes, prayer journaling, a bullet journal style space to 'pause and ponder.'

    prayerful planner versus hope planner week view

    Daily Planners...
    Hope Planner
    and Prayerful Planner offer a daily planner that are both "page-per-day" style layouts. Christian Planner does not make a traditional daily planner, instead they have a 90 day planner called Faith and Focus that we'll compare here.  

    Size and dimensions
    (including the coil when applicable)

    • Hope Planner is: 8.25" wide x 9.25" tall
    • Prayerful Planner is: 9" wide x 10" tall
    • Faith and Focus is: 6" wide x 8.75" tall

    prayerful planner versus hope planner versus faith and focus christian planner

    Inside Cover and Pocket
    Both Prayerful Planner and Hope Planner have a pocket on the inside front cover of the spiral daily planners.  The Hope Planner comes with monthly stickers to place on the undated tabs and a snap-in bookmark.  

    Faith and Focus only comes in book binding (no spiral option) and does not have a pocket. 
     prayerful planner versus hope planner daily - pocket view

    Month Tab / Start
    At the start of each month – the tab page – the Prayerful Planner, Hope Planner AND Faith and Focus have 'plans for the month' style page to help you visualize and keep track of what you want to accomplish for the month.  

    Both Prayerful Planner and the Hope Planner have an additional notes page, while the Faith and Focus has an additional goal planning page. 

    prayerful planner versus hope planner monthly goals view

    The style varies across each planner, but the goal is the same. There are close up views of each of these pages below.

    prayerful planner monthly goals reflectionhope planner monthly goals close up viewfaith and focus 90 day planner monthly goals reflection close up view

    Month View (calendar view)
    All three daily christian planners have an undated month view that are very similar in style as shown below.  

    faith and focus versus prayerful planner versus hope planner - month view

    Sunday / Weekly Devotional
    Here's where things start to get different between the Prayerful Planner and the Hope Planner.  

    Unlike their weekly planner, the daily Prayerful Planner does not have a weekly prayer journaling and sermon notes page – but the daily Hope Planner does. 

    You can seen in the photo below the difference in the Sunday pages. The Sunday page in the Prayerful Planner is just like Monday-Saturday, whereas the Sunday spread in the Hope Planner has the same prompted prayer journaling page and sermon notes (or whatever other notes you want to take) page beside it. 

    prayerful planner versus hope planner sunday sermon notes devotional - daily edition

    The Faith and Focus 90 day planner is like the Hope Planner because it does have a weekly devotional page for prayer journaling and sermon notes. 

    faith and focus 90 day planner versus hope planner daily - sunday sermon notes devotional view

    The Day View
    The personality of each planner truly shows through on the daily page.  In these page-per-day style planners, you can see just how you'll be able to organize your day along with your thoughts all on one page. 

    Prayerful Planner segments each section in boxes between priorities, plans, praise, physical health and prayer. 

    Hope Planner has all the same features, just organized differently between the 'devotion' section with scripture writing and prayer space and the 'do' section that has a time schedule, physical health, meal plans and of course your tasks and plans for the day. 

    prayerful planner versus hope planner page per day view - christian daily planner

    Faith and Focus is actually a day-per-spread style planner and it reminds me a lot of the Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner. Across the two pages your day can be planned between most important tasks, other tasks, a schedule in 30 minute blocks and then prayer requests, gratitude and praise. It also has a bullet journal style notes section. 

    faith and focus 90 day planner versus hope planner daily planner view

    Thickness and Weight
    The girth of a planner is important to some people.  Like Goldie Locks, you may find some Christian planners feels too big, or too small and find one that is "just right" depending on your preferences. 

    Here's a side view of all Prayerful Planner, Christian Planner, Faith and Focus 90 Day Planner and the Hope Planner that we compared to show the difference.  

    From the top they are stacked as Hope Planner weekly, Christian Planner (book bound), Christian Planner (spiral bound), Prayerful Planner weekly (book bound).

    christian planner comparison blog

    Both the Christian Planner and Prayerful Planner are available in spiral binding and book or case binding. The Hope Planner is only available in spiral binding currently.  

    christian planner versus hope planner tabs - spiral bound planner

    Color Options
    The Hope Planner comes in one signature color, Blue Linen.  We're minimalists. 😉  Christian Planner comes in multiple colors and cover materials (like linen and vegan leather), but no patterns.  Prayerful Planner comes in multiple patterns, but no solid colors, or material variations.

    Dated and Undated
    The Hope Planner only comes undated, but both the Prayerful Planner and Christian Planner come in dated versions for each year and undated also.

    The Hope Planner daily is a 6-month daily planner and the Hope Planner weekly is a 12-month planner. Both the daily and weekly Prayerful Planners are a 12-month planner. Faith and Focus is a 90-day planner and Christian Planner (a weekly planner) is 12-months. 

    All three of our companies are 'boutique' small business planner companies, so our prices are higher than what you'll find on the store shelves of Target - but you get what you pay for.  Here is how our price ranges vary...

    • Christian Planner: $39.95 - $59.95
    • Prayerful Planner: $42 - $49
    • Hope Planner: $34 - $47

    That just about covers it.  From cover to cover we've 'covered' every feature and detail that make the Christian Planner, Prayerful Planner and Hope Planner incredibly unique in their own way. 

    If you think the Hope Planner is for you, you can shop our daily Christian planners and weekly Christian planners here. 

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    • Thank you so much for this review! I appreciate seeing planners side by side to get a good idea. I’ve gotten the prayerful planner and Hope Planner in the past and I like both of them. But!! I believe the Hope planner is for me long term 🥰. Thank you!

      Kelsey C on

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