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the ultimate faith planner where prayer and productivity come together

Hope Planner – Weekly
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christian planner by hopefuel
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Hope Planner – Weekly
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Hope Planner – Weekly

Hope Planner – Weekly


The Hope Planner weekly edition has been called the "best Christian planner" because it helps you be as prayerful as you are productive by bringing your prayer journal and your planner together in one place.   

This is not just a weekly planner with Bible verses.  It is a faith planner that keeps you continually inspired to be in the Word, provides prayer journal space each week, helps you create and remember daily devotional habits like having "quiet time," reading your Bible, memorizing scripture, and it helps you to remember to pray for others. 

Do you want to improve your prayer life, but find that so much of your focus is on your daily to-do list?  You need a faith planner that helps you focus on both. 

This Christian planner will help you to ....⠀
✓ Never forget your daily quiet time
✓ Organize your to-do lists
✓ Keep track of your schedule⠀
✓ Set goals and track progress of monthly projects
✓ Take Sermon notes every Sunday⠀

Unique features of the Weekly Edition 
12-month, Annual Layout
One week per two-page spread
Daily devotion habit tracker
Weekly prayer list reminder
Bible verses each week
2" thick

Features it shares with the
Hope Planner Daily Edition

9” x 8” inches (including coil)
74lb White Paper
Gold Coil Wire-O Binding
Linen Wrapped Hard Cover
Inside Front Cover Pocket
Gold Foil Monthly Stickers
Gold Foil Clip-in "Today" Bookmark
Full Month View
Monthly Goal Tracking
Monthly Prayer List
Daily Healthy habit tracker

will help you be as prayerful as you are productive and..

Balance your faith and focus

You can find balance between your faith and focus each day by using the purposefully designed pages of the Hope Planner. The page-per-day design has a ‘devotion’ section for scriptures and prayers and a ‘do’ section for your to-do list and schedule.  Seeing this together helps you focus on spending time everyday becoming more prayerful and getting things done, one day at a time and why we’ve earned the title as the best Christian daily planner from our customers. 

Be Motivated to make time with God a priority daily

Consider the Hope Planner, your ultimate quiet time companion.  If you want to start a daily quiet time habit, but can’t seem to stay motivated, you might need a big blank space in your day (the kind a devotional planner provides) specifically reserved for daily quiet time. In the Hope Planner, that space on your schedule is a visual representation of what has your attention.  When it remains blank, it’s a motivator to give time to God everyday instead of just your worldly to-do list.  

Put your faith first

A devotional planner helps you prioritize spending time with the Lord every day. That’s why the Hope Planner reminds you to add your prayers to your daily plans before you do anything else.  With “devotion” time at the forefront of your day, the Hope Planner transforms into the ultimate devotional planner helping you to put your faith first.  If you make a place on your calendar for the hustle, make time for the Holy Spirit to work in your day too. Stop and pray.  No other planner gives you specific space for your daily devotion like your to-do list and schedule. 

Get better at doing daily quiet time

Like having a quiet time accountability partner, when you look at the pages of your Hope Planner, they gently remind you to do the most important thing in your day for your heart and soul – spend time with the Lord. The Hope Planner is your quiet time companion journal guiding you to write the word and prayers on your heart for the day, everyday. 

Write the word

Note taking makes the subject stick.  So write the word after reading your Bible – it’s a beneficial practice to help your brain comprehend the message and recall it over and over again.  Writing connects your brain with the subject far greater than simply reading does. The Hope Planner (daily) is your write the word journal with a space for you to write scripture everyday. Doing this practice, little by little, day by day cements the word of God on your heart.

Use a prayer planner to write your conversations with God

A planner for your prayers – The Hope Planner is a prayer planner all around.  Using it daily will improve your spiritual health and draw you closer to God.  Every day the Hope Planner reminds you to read your bible, write the word and journal the prayers on your heart that day.

Set goals and keep track of your progress throughout each season

With monthly tending lists, project tracking and even space to set spiritual goals, the Hope Planner is the Christian goal planner you’ve been searching for.  Do life with a new sense of joy and purpose when you’ve combined your spiritual growth goals with your productivity goals.  You can put your faith first and make sure your goals  thrive with our uniquely designed Christian planner. 

‘Let go and let God’ more in your life

The Hope Planner is a Christian planner that balances your faith and focus ultimately helping you discover Planning with Peace or a “let go and let God’ mindset. If you have a desire to "let go and let God" in your life, you have to wholeheartedly believe and trust in him.  To enrich your relationship with Christ, you have to know him and the first place to start doing that is reading your bible, little by little, everyday.  So the Hope planner makes a space for that in your schedule everyday.

Become more prayerful

Prayerful plans can be mapped out in the pages of your Hope Planner.  Alongside your daily schedule, we’ve created weekly prayer prompts to help you dive deeper into your prayer journaling time, take sermon notes at church each week, use your Hope Planner, your prayer planner, as a bible journal or just take notes as you wish in the weekly free space.

Be productive too

Track to-dos and your daily schedule, manage projects, work on goal planning – the hope planner does everything you’d expect a Christian daily planner to do to help you stay on task and on time.  Just because you’ve opted to combine your faith and focus with a prayer planner doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any productivity in life.  

see inside the Hope Planner



Enjoying the type of relationship with Christ that gives you peace of mind and joy in your heart doesn’t come from buying a Christian planner. It comes by quieting the doubts of this world and listening to your desire to get to know God better. Not just believing in him, but believing him, taking him for his word, reading his word and knowing his word for yourself. It’s not church on Sundays and not Christian music stations that will save you, but daily conversations with God where that relationship evolves into salvation. In prayerful meditation, use this time to ask questions, mediatate on your thoughts, willingly listen to him, die to the desires of your flesh and let the fruit of his spirit reveal themselves in you.

We believe you have it in you - we hope this tool will help.

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