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Stay in the Word, while trying to stay on top of your to-do list.

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What We Do

Hopefuel’s ministry is to create tools that help people find themselves, success, peace, forgiveness, happiness and ultimately find unshakeable trust in God through the ups and downs of life using both biblical and common sense principles.  More than just bound and lined paper products, our books are thoughtful roadmaps to finding purpose in the everyday, success in the challenges, and redemption in the cloudiest moments.

Home of the Hope Planner

In 2016, a simple desire to make an intentional habit of reading the Bible every day inspired Heather Vreeland to design her own daily agenda that helped to re-organize her priorities and make room in her schedule to read God’s Word every day.  

For women who are craving a way to be more "in Christ" in real life, that starts with spending time "with Christ" everyday. 

The Hope Planner helps you prioritize your daily devotions before you ever tackle the to-dos and serves as a subtle reminder throughout the day that God is with you, wherever you are. 

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A Message from Heather Vreeland

Hope Planner Features

Form Meets Function

Let your life be guided by these pages, and you'll find the ultimate harmony among "all the things."  Each day is designed to give you a big picture of what's in your brain –  a space for scripture study, prayer journaling, to-do lists, hourly scheduling and even meal planning and nutrition tracking.

Classic Styling

For your inner minimalist, the Hope Planner is free of styling distractions and solely focused on helping you make time for your walk with God, while you're managing your household and personal ambitions. Decorate and adorn it however you wish. 

Bible Study BFF

This planner is not a Bible study – it is a tool you should bring with you to Bible study. There are no pre-selected Bible verses for each day, instead blank designated space for you to record the scripture you are currently being led to study and prayer.

"I love this planner!"

My favorite part of the Hope Planner though is the Sunday entry. It's a day to reflect on scripture, give up praise, thanksgiving and prayers and prepare for the upcoming week. This journal is the perfect bridge between daily life and your faith.

"A wonderful tool"

The Hope Planner has helped focus my spiritual journey through scripture on a daily basis, bringing the very meaning of the Bible's teachings directly to my everyday life, in action. It has become a wonderful tool to reflect with introspection as well as to create a positive plan for tomorrow.

"A place for everything!"

Too often, I get bogged down in my own efforts to stay organized. Being able to turn to one single place to collect my thoughts on work, housework, even devotion took away so much of the pressure. I love feeling like I can have my whole life in one planner!


Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner
Hope Planner

Hope Planner

Hope Planner is a daily devotional, schedule and to-do list all wrapped into one daily planner for the person who wants to make room in their schedule to spend time with God.  Not a Bible study, but rather a place for you to write your Bible studies and get a big picture view of where your priorities lie. 

Semi-annual 6 month layout to reduces bulk and excess "stuff" that we don't need to carry around for a year. Undated by design so you can use the Hope Planner to start making daily Bible study and prayer time a part of your schedule today.

Stay in the word, while trying to stay on top of your to-do list.

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