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Hope Planner Reviews – "The Best Christian Planner!"

Turns out our customers love the Hope Planner – a Christian daily planner for women – just as much as we do!  Here we've compiled their reviews so you can see what they have to say about how using a Christian planner has helped them to be as prayerful as they are productive. 

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"My Favorite Planner!" 
"I love this Christian planner - everything about it. I drink water more, I workout more, I know my schedule and to do list all in one! I also love it encourages me to have my quiet time because as a busy mom, sometimes that gets put to the way side. But not with this Hope Planner!" - Jacquelene H.

"Fulfilled All Expectations!" 
"I am happy to say that this planner fulfilled all expectations that I had when purchasing it. It is every bit as wonderful and functional as it looks. Amazing quality, as well. Most importantly, it helps me to remember to set aside some quiet moments with the Lord each day." - Jennie K.

Best Christian Planner I have Used
"I purchased this planner after viewing and comparing several planners locally and online, but none suited my needs. This planner is exceptional for keeping your focus on your time in God’s word. Whether a daily or weekly focus is your priority, these planners are organized in such a great way to help you prioritize what is really important in your life. Time is precious and this planner has truly helped me to start my days on the right foot, with focus, purpose, and hope. I will be purchasing again. Thank you! – Mary M.

In Love
"I am so happy to have found this planner and I love it! I tell everyone about it. I love that it sets my eyes upon His word at the beginning of every day. I even love that it has a spot for "what's for dinner" and how much water I drank today. I think it is expertly crafted and I can't think of anything about it that I don't adore. I can't wait to gift this to my girlfriends for Christmas!" – Sinclair S.

Made my Bible Reading more Meaningful

"I read the bible everyday. But sometimes I read it just to mark off a box to show that I did it. Because of this I find myself not having a personal touch with the Lord in His word. The best part of this planner is that I get a section to write down scripture that I enjoyed and also my prayer. This helps me to spend time to muse on His word so that I have something to write down." – Raquel G.