Hope Planner FAQ

Have questions about the Hope Planner products?  You may find the below questions and answers helpful. 

What is a Christian Planner?
A Christian planner is a daily planner that is specifically designed for Christian women to help you put their faith first in your busy schedules. Most Christian planners just have Bible verses printed throughout, but the Hope Planner does SO MUCH MORE than that. You could call it a devotional planner, because it gives you space everyday for your daily devotion too.  Here you can write down scripture you are studying or that inspired you and journal your prayers for that day as well. Then, use the rest of the page to do everything else a regular daily planner does for you like write down tasks, goals, meal plans and your schedule. 

How can a Christian daily planner really help me with my faith?
The daily page layout of the Hope Planner reminds you to add your prayers to your daily plans each day.  You can't miss it and as long as you don't skip it... it will transform your faith. If you make a place on your calendar for the hustle, make time for the holy spirit to work in your day too. STOP and PRAY.  No other planner gives you specific space for your daily devotion. No other planner reminds you constantly to do the the most important thing in your day for your heart and soul – pray. 

Is the Hope Planner a daily or weekly planner?
The Hope Planner is a daily planner meaning that it has a page-per-day layout. 

Why is the Hope Planner just six months?
Because of the unique "planner and prayer journal" style, the Hope Planner has a semi-annual 6 month layout. Otherwise, it would be over 400 pages and 5lbs if we made it a year planner. Also, who needs to carry around the bulk of an entire year anyways? It's our theory that many of us are using digital calendars to remember important appointments and reminders.  So, if you've got something crucial you need to put on your schedule that is farther in the future than the 6 month Hope Planner you are using, you can either jot it down on the "important dates to remember" note page on the last page of the planner, or make yourself a reminder today to add it to your digital calendar. 

But what if I like the Hope Planner, but I need a yearly planner?
Buy two!  This way you'll have the 12 months with you that you're used to, but don't necessarily have to carry both with you at all times.  

Is it dated? 
No, the Hope Planner is an undated Christian planner. 

What month does the planner start on?
Whatever month you want.  Again, the Hope Planner is undated so you can start at the beginning of the next month. 

What is the size and paper weight?

The Hope Planner is 9" tall by 8" wide, including the gold coil. The paper inside is a sturdy 74lb weight so that ink from both sides can't been seen through it.  

What if I'm not the planner type, but I do wish I could be better about practicing daily Bible study? 
Give it a shot!  That's our suggestion.  We've never met a single person that didn't benefit from writing things down.  Whether it's your to-do list or your prayer list, writing them down takes the stress off your brain to remember them or handle those things alone. When you use our planner + prayer journal format, it helps you remember your daily quiet time because you're using it as a daily planner as well.  

How much is the Hope Planner?
The Hope Planner is $34.  For this you get a 6 month, undated, wire-bound, linen wrapped hard cover with gold foil, daily planner. Inside you'll find a front pocket to store notes, gold foil monthly stickers and a keepsake bookmark to help you keep your place in your Bible study.  If you bought two Hope Planners per year, it would cost you just $5.67 per month to invigorate your faith and organize your life.  Some people spend that per day on a cup of coffee.  

Do you offer bulk discounts?
We offer bulk discounts to church groups and bible studies who wish to purchase 10 or more Hope Planners for their members. Use code NAMESAKE20 at checkout.

Can I sell the Hope Planner in my shop?
Yes! We're thrilled to offer the Hope Planner at wholesale prices to store owners.  If you are interested in selling the Hope Planner at your store, please use this form to contact us. Please tell us about your store and locations.  

Can I return my Hope Planner if I don't like it?
Unless your planner is damaged in transit or is missing pages, all sales are final.  It's our policy to only ship unopened, unused planners to our customers, because of that we cannot accept returns based on personal preference and style. We encourage you to read our reviews below and look at all the photos we share on our website and Instagram to get a great idea of how the Hope Planner will work for you.  

Please note that our planners are hand assembled so imperfections can occur. If your planner appears to be incorrect, please contact us immediately for a replacement.