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Hope Planner

The Hope Planner is the Christian planner for women in 2023 who want to remember their prayer time and Bible study everyday like they remember tasks and appointments.  Designed to be more than just a planner with Bible verses – the Hope Planner is a daily planner and prayer journal in one, a devotional planner that keeps you focused on the Word and while you're trying to stay organized. 

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"Fulfilled All Expectations!" 
"I am happy to say that this planner fulfilled all expectations that I had when purchasing it. It is every bit as wonderful and functional as it looks. Amazing quality, as well. Most importantly, it helps me to remember to set aside some quiet moments with the Lord each day." - Jennie K.

A Christian Planner Made For You

We help you get closer to God and your goals


An extreme focus on the things of this world that take up your time and attention, leaving you with no energy for anything else?

You want to spend more time in prayer and nourishing your faith, but you just can’t seem to find the time?

Us too.

It's Time To

Invigorate your faith
Organize your life


I was overwhelmed, stressed out, stretched too thin and too busy juggling meaningless things on my to-do list to find joy in the everyday. So I laid all my troubles at the cross and started reading my Bible everyday.

And that's when I discovered I had found just what I needed staying JOYFUL while being a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur – I had to stop trying to do it all alone. I asked God for help and I strengthened my faith by spending time in prayer and study every single day.

I did that by designing my own daily planner where I put a prayer journaling space above my daily to-do lists that reminded me to stop and spend time in the Word each day.

Doing this took all of this weight from this world off my shoulders and gave it to God.


The Hope Planner

A christian planner that helps you make time for your faith like you make time for tasks and appointments.

Never forget your quiet time for scripture study and prayer journaling
Scribble all the to-dos of life
Keep track of your schedule
Record your monthly projects & goals
Take Sermon notes every Sunday
Stay centered in Christ, while chasing your dreams
Available in Daily and Weekly Editions


Perfect for the woman who needs to tackle one day at a time and wants the space to journal her prayers everyday.

  • Undated, 6-month Layout
  • One Page Per Day
  • 9” x 8” inches (including coil), 1.25” thick
  • 74lb White Paper
  • Gold Coil Wire-O Binding
  • Linen Wrapped Hard Cover
  • Inside Front Cover Pocket
  • Includes Gold Foil Month Stickers
  • Full Month View
  • Monthly Goal Tracking
  • Devotional space for each day
  • Hourly schedule from 6am - 9pm
  • Healthy habit tracker
  • Bible verses throughout
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Perfect for the woman who needs to see her week on one spread and desires subtle encouragement to remain prayerful throughout the week.

  • Undated, 12-month Layout
  • One Week per two-page spread
  • 9” x 8” inches (including coil), 1.25” thick
  • 74lb White Paper
  • Gold Coil Wire-O Binding
  • Linen Wrapped Hard Cover
  • Inside Front Cover Pocket
  • Includes Gold Foil Month Stickers
  • Full Month View
  • Monthly Goal Tracking
  • Daily devotional habit tracker
  • Healthy habit tracker
  • Bible verses through out
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Each Month features a place to track bible reading goals, encouragement and projects for the month ahead. Each day features a place to write and study scripture, journal your prayers, keep track of to-dos for the day, remember appointments, meal plan for dinner and even track your daily vitamin, exercise and water intake.

Sundays have an expanded prayer journaling space that includes a full page of scripture study, praise and thanksgiving, and prayers. Mirroring the Sun- day layout, is the weekly notes page. Your scribble space to sermon notes, write meal plans, grocery lists, team meeting notices and a general brain dump for the week ahead.

What is the difference between the Hope Planner daily edition and the weekly edition?

The Hope Planner daily has a page-per-day layout where each page is dedicated to a single day and includes a separate “devotion” journaling section and a “do” section to record tasks and appointments. The Hope Planner weekly has a week-per-spread layout where all 7 days of the week can be viewed on a two-page spread when the planner is opened. The weekly also has a “devotion habit tracker” and prayer prompt reminders across the bottom. Both editions have the same weekly prayer journaling space and sermon notes at the beginning of each week, as well as the monthly goal setting pages and month-view calendars.

The daily edition is six months, so you will need two of them to complete a year. The weekly edition is 12 months so you will need just one per year.

But, why is the daily edition a 6-month planner?

Because our unique page layout that includes a two-page spread per week for Sundays (for extra prayer journaling and sermon notes) it makes it much thicker than a standard 12-month planner. If we made it 12 months, it would be over 400 pages and over 5lbs! Focusing on 6-months at a time reduces bulk, overwhelm and helps you focus on two seasons at a time. Once you start using it, you quickly realize that you don't need a 12 month version.

How can a Christian planner really help me with my faith?

The daily page layout of the Hope Planner reminds you to add your prayers to your daily plans each day. The weekly edition includes “Daily devotion habit tracker” that reminds you to spend time each day doing something to invigorate your faith whether it’s reading the Bible, a daily devotion or just spending time in prayer. Either way, you can't miss the prompts, both big and small and so long as you don't skip it... the repetition will transform your faith. If you make a place on your calendar for the hustle, make time for the holy spirit to work in your day too. STOP and PRAY. No other planner gives you specific space for your daily devotion. No other planner reminds you constantly to do the most important thing in your day for your heart and soul – pray.

What month does the Hope Planners start on?

Whatever month you want. The Hope Planner (both daily and weekly) is undated so you can start at the beginning of the next month.

What is the size and paper weight?

Both the daily and the weekly version of the Hope Planner are 9" tall by 8" wide, including the gold coil. The paper inside is a sturdy 74lb weight so that ink from both sides can't been seen through it.

Can I return my Hope Planner if I don't like it?

It’s our policy to only ship unopened, unused planners to our customers, because of that we cannot accept returns based on personal preference and style. Unless your planner is damaged in transit or is missing pages, all sales are final. We encourage you to read our reviews below and look at all the photos we share on our website and Instagram to get a great idea of how the Hope Planner will work for you.

Please note that our planners are hand assembled so imperfections can occur. If your planner appears to be incorrect, please contact us immediately for a replacement.

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