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Christian Planner

Meet the Christian planner for you. The Hope Planner is the way Christian women keep Christ at the center of their day in a fallen world. Using a Christian planner to stay organized helps you open your Bible everyday like you open your planner. Write scripture, journal your prayers and be reminded of what’s on your heart while you’re managing all the things on your mind for the day.

"This planner is very intentional on helping you make time to connect with Christ in your everyday busy life. There are reminders to reach out to others, to study your memory verse, right down your praises, as well as your weekly confessions. I love the extra pages of notes and inspiration to doodle when I'm feeling inspired. I would definitely recommend this planner to a dear friend!" - Heaven M.

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A christian planner for your busy life

A Christian planner is the perfect way to re energize your relationship with God. It's too easy to get caught up in the everyday business of life, and your Christian faith takes second place to all the logistics of work, school, and chores. And you'll forget to spend time in your Bible or in prayer. So instead of organizing your day or week or month in a planner and keeping your devotional time separate, a Christian planner encourages your faith to weave itself into your daily life.

A Christian planner helps you make time for your faith like you make time for tasks and appointments.

Why do the things that keep us grounded in this world have to be separate?   We’re talking about our faith and feeling organized. ⁣Jesus gives us peace and a good plan for the day, week, or month keeps our busy lives sane. ⁣ But traditionally, we keep our faith for Sundays, Bible studies or prayer journals and then we close the book and do the rest of life. ⁣We say bring it together to officially get it together. ⁣

Using a Christian planner to stay organized helps you open your Bible everyday like you open your planner. Write scripture, journal your prayers and be reminded of what’s on your heart while you’re managing all the things on your mind for the day.

Christian planners work 

Using a Christian planner will help you manage all the things on your to-do list, and cultivate the relationship with Christ you've always wanted by making time for Christ on your schedule, like you do everything else. 

Using a Christian planner everyday will help you....

  • Remember to study the Bible regularly
  • Memorize the scriptures you've always wanted to
  • Grow more confident in your faith
  • Boldly share God's love and mercy with others
  • Be filled with God, so the enemy can't stick
  • Set and tracking monthly goals
  • Stay organized each day
  • Increase your productivity

    add your prayers to your daily planner

    I'm Heather Vreeland

    I was overwhelmed, stressed out, stretched too thin and too busy juggling meaningless things to find joy in the everyday. So I laid all my troubles at the cross and started reading my Bible everyday.

    And that's when I discovered I had found the secret ingredient to staying JOYFUL while being a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur – I had to stop trying to do it all alone. I asked God for help and I strengthened my faith by spending time in prayer and study every single day. 

    I did that by designing my own daily planner where I put a prayer journaling space above my daily to-do lists that reminded me to stop and spend time in the Word each day.

    Doing this took all of this weight from this world off my shoulders and gave it to God.  


    Best Christian Planner Features

    A Christian planner offers all that you look for in your organizational planner – from remembering appointments and creating to-do lists to planning meals and setting goals to looking at your monthly schedule and your yearly ambitions. At the same time, a Christian planner will also inspire you to read your Bible and your devotionals, write and memorize scripture, spend time in prayer and prayer journaling. A Christian planner will give you the best of both worlds and spur your on in your relationship with God.

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    MONTH-of start page gives you space to set monthly goals & refer back to them daily

    Like you tackle your tasks and schedule, plan out your scripture study and prayer list for the month. This is your home base for the month reminding you what you wanted to accomplish, what you wanted to read. Use this to realign your plans each week and day.  

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    Daily View reminds you to add your prayers to your daily plans

    If you make a place on your calendar for the hustle, make time for the holy spirit to work in your day too. STOP and PRAY.  No other planner gives you specific space for your daily devotion. No other planner reminds you constantly to do the the most important thing in your day for your heart and soul – pray. The Hope Planner is just the daily journal planner you've been looking for. 

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    Sunday Study + Week scribble space
    is your reset for the week

    Journal your praise and prayers, take Sermon notes, then download all the things you know you need to get done this week to make a clear plan for productivity in the days ahead.

    TAKE BACK YOUR FOCUS & find unshakeable trust in God 

    Choosing a Christian planner means choosing to prioritize your faith in the midst of a busy life. Through this Christian planner, you'll be able to keep God on your mind throughout the day and all through the week. As you look at your month and your year, you can set and track your goals and manage your schedule while taking sermon notes in church, immersing yourself in Bible reading, praying with intention, and journaling your Christian walk. A Christian planner lets you bring God into your daily schedule.

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    Living a Christian life isn't easy. Everyday there's a new set of tasks for you to do for yourself, your work, or your kids. It's too easy for God to take a back seat to all the craziness. That's where a Christian planner can come in. It's not a substitute for your Christian walk or for your Bible reading or your prayer time; it's a tool. It's a way to manage your own busy world while keeping your spiritual world alive and vibrant. A Christian planner is a gentle reminder for your faith to be a priority in the middle of grocery shopping, soccer practice, work assignments, and after-school activities. Let this Christian planner help you elevate your faith walk and carve out time for God in your everyday.

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