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9 Reasons Why Women are Switching to This Christian Planner

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The idea of using a daily planner is not a new one, but a Christian planner – one that helps women study the Bible and remember God's faithfulness while keeping their hectic lives organized – is a relatively new concept in the world of productivity and daily planners.  Sure, there have always been planners with Bible verses made for Christian women, but it wasn't until the Hope Planner launched that women finally had a true Christian planner that guided them towards combining their prayers with their plans in the way we do it. 

But why do we do it this way? We want you to spend time in the word, journal your prayers right besides your daily to-do list, each day.  Why?  Because a vibrant relationship with God is only sustained through constant Bible study and prayer.  And a vibrant relationship with God sustains women for a lifetime, whereas productivity resets itself everyday. It's time to take the glory of "getting things done" away and give it back to God. 

devotional planner

Your why has to come from you, but we thought you might like to know the top 9 reasons other women are switching to the Hope Planner so we've compiled their reviews below... 

1 - To surrender 
Heather Vreeland created the Hope Planner because she was consumed with controlling every detail of life in her chase to "get ahead."  She says "a sole focus on productivity fuels the 'god' complex in each of us in that we think that we are in control of our lives.  Yes, to a certain extent we are in control of our decisions and reactions, but we're at the risk of thinking the world revolves around us when we put our wants, desires and goals at the center of our attention.  I knew I needed to put God at the center of my attention instead of everything I was chasing after in life.  I had to surrender my plans to God's plan for my life and the only way I knew how to do that was to get closer to God so I could have the trust I needed in my heart to do that."  

2 - To slow down and spend more time with God
The world we live in tells us to hurry up, finish first, keeping going and just do it. It can seem like a never ending hamster wheel of worldly ambitions.  But God wants us to be still.  The Hope Planner schedules still time for you everyday.  Hope Burtner started the using the Hope Planner in January 2019 and says "I honestly thought to myself how did Heather get in my brain?!?! This is exactly what I needed to slow down my busy day and spend real time with God."

3 - To be in better spirits 
Since using her Hope Planner, Rachel says "I’m up earlier to study, pray and work through my day. I’m calmer and more on top of things compared to my usual running late and being frustrated first thing in the morning. My kiddos cooperate better when mom isn’t already frustrated because she is late. I know a planner can not do that for me but God can!"  Indeed she's right.  When you put the relationship with your creator first before the things of this world, your mindset is transformed for His glory.  Everyone around you will notice. 

prayerful planner

4 - To make daily Bible study a priority
If you want to remember something important, write it down - we've been using that theory for centuries and your daily Bible study is no different.  Making a space for it on your calendar makes it a priority in your day and hard to forget when you look at your daily to-do list.  Halle says "I love that it connects my Bible study into productively planning out my days. I also like that it keeps my Bible message close to my to do list, just another little reminder to keep God and His word on your mind throughout the day."

5 - To find 'balance' between the Word and the world 
When you regularly use a daily planner, your focus for the day tends to be exclusively on worldly things like appointments and to-do lists – we call that "to-do list tunnel vision."  But when you use the Hope Planner, you can still focus on those appointments and to-do lists but share your focus with the Word too.  Dea Howald has been using the Hope Planner since June and says "There is nothing that brings me more joy than spending quality time with the Lord & time with my people, so the Hope Planner is so instrumental in helping me balance both!"

6 - To meditate on Scripture
The Hope Planner isn't necessarily for long-form journaling or extensive Bible studies, rather it's best used to help you memorize scripture and study the Bible little-by-little.  Ann O'Mara has been using the Hope Planner since November and says "mainly it has helped me set my day with the foundation of the Word of God. I love that I only have to write a short scripture and then meditate on it."  The page-per-day template is designed for you to write down a Bible verse you are studying or that God has put on your heart and then write a short prayer often inspired by that verse or associated with it. 

daily planner with a prayer journal

7 - To make a space for God in their daily lives.
When your planner does more for you than just keep you busy, you tend to want to turn to it more often!  The Hope Planner is your sister in Christ.  Your accountability partner in this crazy world and your all-in-one diary.  Hildur says "I’ve never been so consistent in writing in my planner and partly what drives it is the space it leaves for God in my daily plans"

8 - To hear God throughout the day
Often times the devil is at work in our ears throughout the day with messages of comparison, worry, and fear that it becomes almost impossible to hear God's good news through the noise. Which is why we think it's so important to have a planner that combines your prayers with your daily plans.  Emily Turner says "I love how the Hope Planner intertwines my walk with the Lord and my “everyday” to do’s. In the morning, I keep it open as I pray so that I can jot down anything I hear from the Lord. I keep it next to my computer where I work and refer to it for not only what I need to get done that day but also to be reminded of what God showed me in my quiet time."

9 - To be more intentional with their prayer life
Intentional efforts to invest in your faith will invigorate your faith.  The first step is to spend time in the Word and pray, but that is often easier said than done.  We're already busy enough, so how can we possibly find the time for this new daily devotion time and also keep consistent with it everyday?  Aly says "I purchased this planner back in January of this year, and I had hoped it would help me be more intentional spending time in the word and praying. Well now that it is June I can safely say that it definitely did just that and more! Not only did it allow for me to memorize scripture, journal my prayers, keep track of prayer requests, but it also helps me with productivity throughout my days as somebody who works from home. I think that everybody who is looking to be more organized and spend more time with Jesus should absolutely invest in this planner."  The Hope Planner will help you be consistent in your intentions to be more prayerful and faithful.  

hope planner is a christian planner

Buy your Hope Planner here.  Read more reviews of the Hope Planner here.


nine reasons women are switching to this christian planner

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  • I ordered mine yesterday, and am so excited to get it! It sounds exactly what I have been looking for… after using many planners and putting my own together. I never liked setting MY goals. I want to be studying God’s word and hearing what HE wants for me.

    Tricia on
  • I want one

    TRavis on
  • for sure
    Sandra Lewis on

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