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How to Get the Most Out of Your "Do" Section

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The "Do" section of the Hope Planner is your free space to keep track of your daily tasks.  But, we all know that life is not just about managing lists, so take this as our permission to use this space for whatever you want! It's your planner, so use this white space in a way that emphasis what's important to you each day. Here are some examples of ways you can customize the daily view and get the most out of the "do" section of your Hope Planner. 

Batch your tasks...
When you've got a boatload of work to get done, this is your space to scribble down all the to-dos. We're not talking about appointments, but rather tasks – all the things you need to remember and want the satisfaction of going back and crossing them off when you complete. 

But rather than just making a long list, categorizing your tasks might be a better way to manage them. We like to separate our tasks by "income producing ($), admin (*) and family (❤️) to help us prioritize throughout the day.

christian planner

Extend your prayer journaling space....
When fives lines of journal space just won't do, don't stop writing, just carry over your thoughts into the do section.  

christian planner

Get Creative.... 
The white space here is just calling for creativity.  Practice your word art skills by writing down reminders, quotes and Bible verses instead of leaving it blank when you're not using it for tasks lists. 

christian daily agenda

christian devotional planner


daily planner with bible verses 

Got another good way to use this space?  Share your Hope Planner on Instagram and tag us using and #hopeplanner so we can share with other Hope Planner users too.  

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