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Why Do I Need a Christian Daily Planner?

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The Hope Planner was created to help me get back to putting God at the center of my focus.  Sure, I thought I trusted God, but my actions showed the opposite.  Instead of praying, I was planning.  Planning and organizing everything I could grasp control over in my business and personal life.  I barely had rest and found myself constantly trying to get ahead.  One day I felt like God said to me "Why don't you pray for the things you are planning for?" 

Wow.  Here I was hustling to live the life I wanted to, and in doing so I placed all my trust and hope in me, my employees... and hadn't talked to God about any of them.  It was a wake up call that prompted an extreme shift in my life, that happened little by little through a commitment to pray more than I planned. 

I designed a to-do list that put my prayers and study of God's word at the top of my schedule and suddenly I realized I had created a Christian planner that could help other women too. And thus, the Hope Planner was born. 

The Hope Planner is a faith based daily planner calendar that includes devotional space each day.  As far as religious planners go, it's unlike any others you've ever seen because it's combines the functions of a daily planner with the functions of a prayer journal, all on the same page.  

So, why should you use a Christian planner? 

1 - To stay on track to study the Word.  The Word is the foundation of your faith and studying it only has one outcome – knowing it better.  The more you know about your faith in Christ, the more comfortable you feel "letting go and letting God" during the everyday trials of this life.  If you're looking for a planner with Bible verses, yes, the Hope Planner has those.  While there are not Bible verses on every page (becuase we want you to write those), there are Bible verses that inspire hope at the beginning of every month.  

jesus centered planner

2 - To be productive. Along with being prayerful, we want to be productive and successful as well.  The Hope Planner is especially made for Christian women who want a productivity planner. Each month outlines monthly goals and projects we are trying to accomplish in our homes and in our work. Christian women have hopes and dreams too so finding balance between our worldly aspirations and eternal hope in Christ is the key.  We you bring both of those thing together on one page, that balance is easy to achieve.

3 - To journal your prayers. It's a planner with a prayer journal. A planner journal of sorts.  The page layout is designed to help you focus both on the things you need to get done that day, while also remembering the things you are praying for.  It gives you a space to pause and talk to God everyday and remember that conversation throughout the day. When you are praying, you are at peace, which is why it's so important to write your prayers down each day and recall the ways God is being faithful in your life. 

4 - To stay centered in Christ. The Hope Planner is a Jesus centered planner in that the page layout reminds you to read, write and pray over the scriptures every single day. The more you do that, the stronger your connection to Christ grows.  

5 - To stay centered in Christ while at school.  The Hope Planner is the perfect Christian planner for students. It will help students to keep track of their class schedules, remember project and homework and keep Christ at the center of an ambitious students focus. College is a crucial time in life when a student takes ownership of their relationship with Christ.  Using the Hope Planner can be an excellent personal tool to foster that relationship while students are away from home. 

6 - To use, no matter your religious affiliation.  The Hope Planner is a Christian planner and a Catholic planner too.  You don't have to just consider yourself "Christian" to use it. 

7 - To organize your life.  We all need a place to write down all the things clogging up our mind that we need to remember.  The Hope Planner is an organizer at it's core. It just so happens that we dedicate half of our daily pages to devotion time. But the remainder of the pages are designed to keep you on track and organized.  Use it to remember the to-do list, track your water intake, remember to exercise, and stay on schedule during the day. 

8 - To memorize scripture. You might expect to find Bible verses on each page of a Christian planner and organizer, but instead you'll find blank lines for you to fill in. This is because we don't want to do the work for you. When you write something down, your brain registers it in a way that reading something alone can't compare. We want you to immerse yourself in scripture, and KNOW IT.  According to Forbes, handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. Handwriting also sharpens the brain and helps us learn and handwriting forces us to slow down. So, a part of studying God's word is writing God's word....not just reading it. It is cracking open your personal Bible and studying it yourself. It's highlighting the scriptures and bookmarking the pages and coming back to those things when you need it most in life.

christian planner calendar with Bible verses and scripture

9 - To meal plan for the week. Jesus said "man shall not live on bread alone" (Matthew 4:4), but we all need food too. The Hope Planner helps you meal plan for the week by giving you a space to write down dinner plans for each day. Plus, each week includes a weekly "scribble" notes pages where you can write grocery lists and brainstorm meals for the week ahead.  

10 - To reflect on the ways God is being faithful in your life.  Every week in the Hope Planner there is a two-page layout for Sundays.  The left side of the page features an extended prayer journaling space where you can write scripture, write down your praise and thanksgiving and journal your prayers.  On the opposite page is a freestyle notes page to write down Sermon notes from church, write team meeting notes, grocery lists or anything you need a little extra space to write about. 


10 things a Christian planner will help you do

The Hope Planner is $34. Click to explore all the pages and purchase. 


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  • Great product. I love the pale gray lines and text as well as the minimalist layout. Lots of flexibility. Helpful prompts and love the habit tracker.

    Jess on
  • Please make this digital. It sounds amazing but I can’t do paper planners

    Tiara McCants-Hall on

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