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Introducing The Hope Planner Weekly Edition

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When we launched the Hope Planner, I never imagined we'd spread our wings to create different variations of our devotional style planner because I was so focused on convincing you to use a daily system to start a daily Bible study. But, as we've grown on this journey and talked to so many of our customers, one thing I've learned is that we are all at different points on our walk with God – and we want to serve you in the capacity that your needs are and continue to nurture you along the way.

Maybe you're just starting to consider the idea of a daily devotion, or maybe you're set in your ways, using a prayer journal you love and just want a simple Christian planner, or maybe you just don't have enough on your plate to fill up the space of a daily planner – whatever the case, we all have something in common – the constant fulfillment promise of productivity that threatens to consume our attention with a short-lived success that re-sets itself everyday.  Productivity resets itself everyday friends, but your prayer life, knowledge of God and relationship with Christ are life-long.     

So friends, we made a weekly Christian planner! 


The Hope Planner weekly edition helps you intentionally intertwine your faith into your busy schedule each week by showing you your week at a glance on a two-page spread along with subtle prompts to remember friends in prayer, reach out to and track your daily devotion habits. 

 weekly Christian planner

Also, the weekly edition of our Christian planner has a unique Bible verse on each week-view layout and on the month tab page. These are verses I hand selected that I've highlighted in my personal Bible during my walk with God.  The weekly views feature Bible verses from the Psalms and the monthly intro pages feature verses throughout various other books of the Bible with a theme of 'hope.' All are from my NIV Bible. 

weekly planner with Bible verses

The weekly edition features the same weekly prayer journaling space for Sundays, but we've improved this page slightly to include prompts for scripture writing, confess, praise and prayers.  And your weekly "notes" or "brain dump" page is still there too. 

day planner and prayer journal in one

The weekly planner is available for pre-order now for $47 and will ship on December 20, 2019. You may pre-order here and because this is our launch, we've only ordered a limited quantity, so pre-order is highly suggested!

christian goal setting planner

The weekly planner also has an extra page of 'notes' at the beginning of each month.  

It is my hope for you that using our new weekly Christian planner will be just the introduction you need to a daily Bible study habit or the perfect match for your already vigorous prayer life.  

I'll say it again... We ordered a limited supply of the new weekly planner so I would pre-orders your now here before they sell out in December!

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