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Choosing Faith: Can We Find Balance Between Planning and Peace?

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Turn from the path of planning to the path of peace. Does that sound too good to be true? ⁠

As a planner company, it might seem strange for us to encourage you to turn your attention from constantly being in “planning and control” mode to a “letting go and letting God” mode, but this is our mission. ⁠

turn from the path of planning to the path of peace

There is a balance that exists between the two, but to find it we have to give a part of ourselves and our day to both, not just one. We plan, plan, plan, but do we equally pray, pray, pray? I’ll be the first to admit, most often ⁠

It’s especially clear in the pages of my #hopeplanner (our faith planner) when my devotion section is left blank on busy days. ⁠

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⁠So, it is not lost on me that this specific devotion (appearing in @jesuscalling) was the message of the day on my birthdate, September 17th. Hello! #godwink ⁠

jesus calling devotional for women

How easily I forget that no amount of planning can compare to the peace of mind that a vibrant relationship with my Heavenly Father gives me! That I am not here to control this life and alter its future but to relish in its beautiful glory, day by day. ⁠

And what could be more beautiful, helpful and peace-giving for us #plannergirl types to be able to offload all our worries, planning and control-freak tendencies to the creator of the universe and breath a big sigh of relief? ⁠

Is that easier said than done? ⁠

We might not be able to or supposed to control the future, but we CAN control how much control we are able to let go of simply by choosing faith. Choosing him over ourselves, and planning a path to seek him — it’s why he gave us free will. In freely seeking him, we admit we are not the god of our lives. Only then can we enjoy the freedom of not having to bear the burdens of this broken world all on our own.⁠

So, how would you rate your spiritual health on a scale from 1👎 - 10👍? ⁠

If your faith isn't mature enough to where you can confidently leave your plans at the cross, what do you think you can do to truly let go and let God? ⁠

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  • Thank you for posting your honesty and tips. I cam across this post just when I needed it. I spend so much time trying to organize and reorganize and have forgotten to first look to Him. This exhausted mom of 3 littles, and full time employee needed to read this today.

    Katrina on

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