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On Letting Go and Letting 'Thy Will Be Done'

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Recently I hear these words over and over in my brain whenever I’m not thinking of something else.   From the second I heard Hillary Scott’s song “Thy Will be Done” I haven’t been able to get these simple four words off my mind.

And I’m pretty sure it’s for good reason:  I need this constant reminder.

Thy will be done. 

As entrepreneurs we are always juggling to-do lists, team meetings, HR, marketing and all the admin work that goes with running a business while also exploring new ideas that present themselves almost on a daily basis.  Every day we work to control chaos. Truth is, I love it. I’m certain project management and risk taking is the ultimate talent given to an entrepreneur (and I’ll gladly take it!), but with that gift comes the responsibility of identifying where the line is between what can be controlled and what cannot  – and that is exactly what I feel myself searching for at this current moment.

I struggle with control, planning, every movement needing a bigger picture cause, revenue stream, purpose and again, plan.  Enough is enough.

Thy will be done. 

I don’t know the purpose of this blog, there’s no revenue plan, but I’ve always felt compelled to keep it, write my thoughts, share our experiences and potentially lead others. It’s something I cannot get out of my head like those four words.  Weighed against the mounting to-dos from our business I ask myself “should I really be spending any time thinking about this, let alone writing about it?”

I don’t know the answer, but I know I feel incredibly compelled to share.  So that is what I will do until perhaps the plan is shown to me through Him right here.

Thy will be done. 

I find myself being called to soul search recently.  And in my quest for whatever it is (still not sure), I’ve started with reading the Bible.  (Like actually reading the whole thing instead of just screen-shoting versus that run across my Instagram feed.)  I’m not reading it front to back, but instead started with a verse in Romans that I read in the book Thirty One Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer.  It spoke to me, so I started there and will continue wherever God leads me.  I am making it my mission to know the Bible.  I was raised Catholic and married an Evangelical Christian and while we both have a fervent belief in the Almighty God, I don’t have the habit of turning to the Bible for hope, learning, and prayer like Andrew does.  I don’t feel comfortable praying out loud. I have so much faith, but not much experience putting those beliefs into action and habits.  So, that is where I am putting my time these days.

Spending less time scrolling news feeds and more time empowering myself the written word of God.

Thy will be done.

I don’t know what will come about on this blog, but I will start with my prayers and paying attention to the things God puts on my heart. You’re welcome to follow along and chime in.  I am an open book.

Thy will be done. 

Sidenote:  I know Hillary wrote this song as she recovered from the grief of miscarriage and that has no comparison to the struggles of running a business…. but the good news of God’s word is that its healing powers transcend every scenario.  Whether when dealing with death or debt, life or logistics of a small business – God is there.

Dear God, Thank you for this day.  I'm sick.  And while my first instinct is to ask for speedy healing, I want to first thank you for the ups and downs of life.  Thank you for the moments that force us to slow down.  Force us to stop and get off the hamster wheel and rest.  While I don't need this head cold and the clogged ears, runny nose and coughing that comes with it.  I need the rest.  I need to be locked in our room all to myself to digest all of the clutter from our lives recently. Andrew and I are weighing so many new moves for our company and we are grateful about new adventure and opportunities, but that excitement can often bring distraction.  Lord, help me to remain focused on our business as it stands today.  Help me to not stray from our mission.  Help me to balance the desires of growth with the gratitude for what we currently have.  Help me to water my own grass. Bloom where you have planted us.  Take in every second of this day because it is a gift from you.  God make me a vessel.  Help me to answer the call to share and do it with my unique purpose. When I am stressed, when I am worried, when I am weak - turn my doubts to you.  Thy will be done.  Amen. --Heather

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  • As a 6th generation Pentecostal, a Preachers Kid, a DELIVERED (formerly addicted) soul, and REBORN IN JESUS… I NEEDED THIS TODAY!!!! it has been prophesied over me four times throughout the course of my life that the ministry God has for me, and the anointing he has placed on my life is what they call chain breaking! I ran from that for a very long time. Fearfully, pensively, Frustrated that I didn’t necessarily understand why he picked me. Because, as we all know, with anointing and ministry call comes great pain and sacrifice. MY OIL ISN’T CHEAP!!! And the BLOOD wasn’t free!!! so thank you for the perspective shift in this very basic Christian principle. They will be done! My circumstance does not defined God! My circumstances are a gift! Because they will carry me through to my next season, where his blessings will always abound!

    Patricia Frierson on

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