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Lesson Plan Printable
Lesson Plan Printable
Lesson Plan Printable

Lesson Plan Printable


If you’re a homeschool mom – this is the weekly lesson plan chart you need to keep all of your teacher to-dos in your Hope Planner. The printable homeschool lesson plan comes with two PDFs – one with the subjects pre-filled out and the other blank so that you can write your own subjects in.  The design folds nicely down the center between Tuesday and Wednesday and fits perfectly in the front pocket of your Hope Planner. 

The 8.5” x 11” PDF printables are designed to fit perfectly into your Hope Planner pocket when they are cut or folded down the center guideline. 

Planner Pocket Printables all: 
PDF Download
8.5” x 11” paper
Black and White Ink
Emailed to you immediately after purchase
Designed to be cut in half or folded to fit your Hope Planner pocket
Achieve Best quality when printed on quality printer paper