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Honey-Do List Printable
Honey-Do List Printable
Honey-Do List Printable

Honey-Do List Printable


For all the list making we do in our planners, sometimes we need to make a list for our husbands to see… and do.  Meet the printable honey do list.  A chic way to tell the Mr. that you need his help getting a myriad of projects done.  Fill it up in the pocket of your planner and put it on the fridge when you’re ready for him to get started.  It even includes a space for him to assign you a thing (or two) with a sweet “anything you need from me?” question at the bottom.  

The 8.5” x 11” PDF printables are designed to fit perfectly into your Hope Planner pocket when they are cut or folded down the center guideline. 

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PDF Download
8.5” x 11” paper
Black and White Ink
Emailed to you immediately after purchase
Designed to be cut in half or folded to fit your Hope Planner pocket
Achieve Best quality when printed on quality printer paper