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10 Creative + Comforting Gifts for Cancer Patients

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"Gifts for cancer patients" might be the first thing you google when a cancer diagnosis rocks your family or friend circle.  We've been there too so we know how limiting it can feel when you can't be there in person for encouragement and support.  The good news is simply reaching out with a thoughtful gift to show they are supported in their fight can make a big deposit in a cancer patient's emotional support bucket. 

This topic is close to our heart because our very own Scripture Stickers were born out of Heather's desire to support her dad during his Chemo treatments. Creating the stickers and hearing how they encouraged him during chemo treatments made us realize a gift goes a long way for someone who is facing a cancer diagnosis because it shows them all the people who care about their survival.

So, we put together a list of gift ideas for cancer patients that are both comforting and creative to help you navigate your way to the perfect gift.  

1. Scripture Stickers
2. Dammit Doll
3. Aromatherapy Diffuser + Oils
4. Keepsake Box with Letters from Friends
5. Inspiring Read: Radical Remission
6. Cancer Care Package
7. Book of Psalms
8. Heated Neck Pillow and Blanket
9. Smiling Plant
10. 'Hope Fueled' Gold Cuff

gifts for cancer patients

1 - Scripture Stickers for Biblical Encouragement
We're starting off this list right at home, our home.  Scripture Stickers are our purposeful 'Hope-Fueled' sticky notes that provide reminders of God's promises in the most unexpected places.  Offering scriptures for fear and healing scriptures for cancer, these beautifully crafted sticky notes provide comfort in the most unexpected times, especially when they are found as a gentle surprise with their comforting messages in unexpected places. They are a perfect gift for cancer patients, patients in recovery from other illnesses and a delightful encouragement gift for caregivers as well. 

Here's the Scripture Sticker story about our personal journey through chemo and how they came to be. 

2 - Dammit Doll to Take Out Frustrations
The Classic Dammit doll is a handmade doll made precisely for pinching, pulling, shaking and squeezing until all of your frustrations are taken out.  Made with various reclaimed fabrics, it also comes in political, sports and cancer motifs to cheer up your loved one by letting it all out.

3 - Aromatherapy Diffuser & Soothing Oils to Improve Mood
Aromatherapy can play quite a role in mood as well as provide comfort and calm.  We love this Saje Diffuser made in collaboration with Little Market’s co-founders, as it makes a positive impact on female artisans and offers 100% natural essential oil blends like Liquid Sunshine, Flower Bed, Spa Day and Spring Morning to brighten the spirit. 

4 - Keepsake Letter Box to Feel love from Friends
Nothing is better than a letter box with thoughtful notes from a friend…why not many friends?  In the Bible, James reminds us "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective" (James 5:16).  So rather than just a box of letters, ask friends and family to write their prayers for the patient in their cards. The box can be decorated with nostalgic photos and piled high with letters of encouragement and prayers from everyone in the family and beyond.  You can DIY it yourself or head over to Etsy to have a letter inscribed on the top of a ceramic box for more notes or keepsakes.

5 - Inspirational Read to Inspire when Times Get Tough
The New York Times bestseller, Radical Remission Book, available on Amazon, features Dr. Kelly A. Turner’s
nine factors that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer—even after conventional medicine has failed. It is a fascinating message of hope, science and possibilities.  Turner interviewed more than 100 Radical Remission survivors and studied 1,000 of these cases.  Her evidence presents nine common themes that she believes may help even terminal patients turn their lives around. 

radical remission book for cancer patients

6 - Cancer Care Package to be Pampered
A cancer care package like the one we've detailed in this blog can be customized precisely for your favorite patient and delivered to the hospital or home to support their recovery.  The best additions for a Cancer Care Package include all the accoutrements of a luxurious spa day but with the medicinal benefits for cancer patients.  Pack up all these goodies in a beautiful basket or gift bag. 

7 - Book of Psalms to Call Upon the Lord
The Psalms are perfect for when you have an ache in your heart, want to cry out to God, but can't seem to find the words. Whether they have a Bible or not, doesn't matter, anyone can enjoy this separate paperback Book of Psalms to easy access at a bedside table or read during chemo treatments.  This Book of Psalms by Alabaster Bible Series pairs scripture with beautiful imagery to make this an outstanding gift for someone who needs encouragement and an invitation for deeper reflection. 

8 - Lavender Neck Pillow and Blanket to Feel a Warm Embrace
Send a virtual warm hug with this lavender neck pillow from Sonoma Lavender.  Combine the ultra-soft faux-fur cover, with lavender fill and pop it in the microwave to warm and a HUG is truly what it delivers.  Perfect for cold chemo visits and resting at home.  

Chemo has a way of messing with your body's temperature and constantly making the patient feel cold so a blanket is a no-fail perfect gift for a cancer patient.  While any blanket will do (because surely it is the thought that counts), why not spring for an ultra-luxe gift like this Barefoot Dreams Blanket?  Because when you're in a sterile hospital environment having your own quality threads to cozy up with is a remarkable way of bringing a little piece of home along with you.  

9 - Smiling Potted Plant to Guarantee a Smile
This might be my most favorite item on the list that we don't sell personally.  Made by Rootshell Planters, these handmade cement pots are facial expressions carved into them. They are smiling, laughing and grinning in a way that is downright adorable. Their petite size is perfect to drop a low maintenance succulent in and give to a friend to put on their bedside table.  The life of a plant and the smile of this artwork is a winning combination and a guaranteed smile for anyone struggling against cancer.

happy face plant pot gift for cancer patient

10 - Encouraging Jewelry to Inspire at a Quick Glance
Our 'Hope Fueled' message is one that hits especially home for cancer patients.  Inspired by Romans 15:13, our line of Christian jewelry reminds the wearer to "overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit, not their performance" and this is ESPECIALLY relevant for someone facing a health battle.  Your health, your productivity, your performance, your influence, none of it compares to the power of the Holy Spirit to keep us close to Christ.  On the days when their bodies feel close to giving up, their hope in the Lord may be the only thing sustaining them so looking at their Hope Fueled Gold Cuff for a reminder of this powerful message at a quick glance on their wrist may be just the life line they need. 

If cancer hasn't infected your inner circle yet, it may be only a matter of time. Showing up for them is the first step. Showing up with a meaningful gift takes your love to the next level when they need it the most.  We hope this list of gifts for cancer patients will make "showing up" for your friend or family just a tad bit easier.   

Comment below and let us know if you got one of the items we recommended!

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