Devotional Planner

Bring your Bible study, prayer lists, quiet time and daily devotion together with your to-dos in the ultimate devotional planner for busy Christian women.  The Hope Planner combines your prayers with your plans in a beautifully designed, keepsake planner-journal.  Daily and Weekly options available below.

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"Fulfilled All Expectations!" 
"I am happy to say that this devotional planner fulfilled all expectations that I had when purchasing it. It is every bit as wonderful and functional as it looks. Amazing quality, as well. Most importantly, it helps me to remember to set aside some quiet moments with the Lord each day." - Jennie K.

Using a Devotional Planner

Devotional planners are a new trend in the world of calendars, agendas and organization.  While there's always been planners with Bible verses, the concept of taking what you'd typically put in a prayer journal and adding it to your daily planner is helping women make time for their daily quiet time like they make time for tasks and appointments.

A devotional planner brings together all the features you want in a daily planner like tracking your schedule, remembering appointments, organizing to-do lists, meal planning and adds in cues that help you remember your daily devotion time like scripture writing, Bible reading, devotion reading, prayer time and prayer journaling. 

With a devotional planner, now you can keep your relationship with God top-of-mind during the day and throughout the week.  A devotional planner helps you to make goals and track them, create a habit of reading the Bible regularly, take sermon notes each Sunday at church, intentionally pray for other people, journal your prayers and work to make these things regular habits in your daily schedule.